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Insightfully Innovate helps you grow. With innovation based on in-depth understanding of your customers and your business.

Insightfuly Innovate is the brand for the services provided by Leo Smit – occasionally together with partners, often together with dedicated team members.

With more than 30 years of experience in R&D and Innovation, Leo has adopted a successful way of working, focussing on what really matters to achieve success.
Real world experience with applying agile and lean ways of developing new business, both in the context of startups as well as corporate organizations. Unique is our ability to integrate the rational technological aspects of product development, the structured discovery of customer true value propositions as well as the more subtle artistic & emotional aspects of negotion and communication.

I look forward to getting in touch and discuss your innovation challenges!

Leo Smit

Example projects

Hy2Care: Leading a startup for a new injectable and resortable hydrogel aimed at the repair of traumatic cartilage defects.

SkinBreeze: Creation of a new company focussing on textiles to help prevent pressure ulcers and discomfort of night sweating.

Enkair: Venture creation – new product and brand development for a leader in performance materials.

Dyneema Purity: Creation of a new market segment for a leading materials company; product & brand development.

DSM-Giant-Alpecin: A new collaboration platform for corporate branding and product development.


Innovation Leader

Leo Smit is an industrial innovation expert with over 25 years of experience in a variety of innovation roles – technical R&D, product and market development, new business venture creation and communications.

The Brand

The idea behind the brand is that project teams often fail to reach true insight in the needs of the market as well as lack sufficient understanding of what it takes to launch a new product. Insightfully Innovate provides insight in the innovation process that go beyond the classical approaches of technical product development business analysis and staged project management processes, incorporating also knowledge from state of the art innovation insights and non-technical fields like communications and human psychology.

what others say

Recommendations from LinkedIn

Leo is a creative and innovative Business Manager with particular strengths in new and embryonic business areas. He is easy to work with and brings lots of energy and excitement to his job. He has particular strengths in Performance Materials and the Medical Device industry.
Steve Hartig
Vice president technology development
ICM Inc.
Without doubt Leo is the founder of the biomedical business based on Dyneema. He developed succesfully the biomedical Dyneema segment from scratch. Based on a thorough understanding of the value chain, Leo was able to develop a unique business model which provides healthy margins. The Dyneema biomedical segment was the basis for DSM's emerging business area Biomedical.
Frank Schaap
director business development & marketing chemelot


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